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Fancy yourself as a blogger?

Blogging is one of those things that most of us want to do at some point in our lives. We all want to make ourselves heard, get our voice out there, and maybe earn a few pretty pennies at the same time. But how? That’s the big question.

How do you create a blog? And a successful one at that? It’s one of those questions hundreds of people want to know the answer to. They’ve seen other blogs that are successful, but what’s the point in copying theirs? It should be yours, and from the heart, not copied from someone else.

So that is my number one tip for today, write from the heart, your heart! Write about something you’re passionate about. You want your blog to be an addiction, not a chore. Additionally you want it to appeal to others, so less of the: I did this, I did that. You want to help others, appeal to others, or even just interest others.

My next tip, this is the boring one, but trust me, you’ll realise why. Try try try no not make your sentences too long because people will just get really bored reading them and no one wants that because soon people will stop reading, are you starting to think this sentence has gone on for way too long? Get me?

On the topic of long winded sentences, spelling and grammar too. You were taught it at school from a young age for a reason! Cuz noone finks dis is ez to reed. Simple slang is fine, your audience will be able to engage with it, but don’t overuse it, dya get me? Have a look at Sheila’s posts on spelling, grammar and the rules you can break – here and here.

Handy hint number six is don’t change your blog; keep the same theme going throughout, you can’t just change your opinion half way through a post. One of The Guardian’s top blogs is Treehugger. As you can guess it’s a ‘green’ blog about how a green lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything. Half way through reading the blog you wouldn’t find a post called, “Why plastic bags aren’t that bad really”.

And finally, my top tip for the day you ask? Keep it casual. As I said earlier, you want to engage with the reader. Most blogs are read in spare time, you don’t want it to feel like work, this is what will make them come back again and again.

Having been asked to write a blog post on anything I wanted I was able to let my imagination run wild. Rather than going too crazy, I pondered and pondered over what it could be about – this total freedom scared me, I like some guidance, some restrictions and then I can go crazy. But a blog post about anything, so what did I come up with, a blog post about blogging. Original ey?

Katie Sanders :Katie took a sales background into marketing, and holds chartered marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A devotee of PR she heads up our publicity team.

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