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Best-laid marketing plans…

We love plans at Oxygen, and you will often find our marketing team working on plans put in place for our clients. However, marketing is a changeable industry, and we understand that sometimes you have to deviate from the plan and turn something around quickly to ensure you make the most of an opportunity.

Luckily we are just as good at being reactive as we are at being proactive.

Create a 36 sq m exhibition presence in 2 weeks? 

A good example of this was when our client Greener For Life (GfL) had the opportunity to exhibit at a major industry event. The World Biogas Expo at the NEC was a brilliant chance for GfL to get in front of some key industry people, and we were tasked with creating its 36sq m exhibition stand presence. The catch was that the exhibition was less than two weeks away.

It was a large stand – 8m x 4.5m – and we made the best of it by creating edge-to-edge graphic panels to run round the stand walls; writing, designing and printing two brochures; and creating two on-screen videos – all delivered on time and set up on-site by our team the day before the two-day event.

We are a skilled bunch, and if we put our heads together we can more often than not produce excellent quality work within a short space of time.

Of course, it would be great if we could all stick to the plan, but it’s good to know that someone can be there to help if you need to deviate momentarily.

Sophie Edwards: