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We’re “AMPing” up our mobile offering

Here at Oxygen we have started to make use of a new Google-backed initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

AMP was created earlier this year to help website content managers produce mobile-friendly news articles and blog entries on their websites, which in turn have the ability to load instantly everywhere when fetched from Google’s mobile search results.

We are using AMP on all of our blog articles. You can see this in action by adding /amp to the end of the URL of this article for example.

So what makes a page “AMPed”? In order to load the page as quickly as possible, all non-essential code on an article web-page is stripped out. The user only sees the company logo, the article content and an article image. The user can however easily navigate to other “AMPed” articles on the website or navigate to the full version of the website if they wish.

From Google’s mobile search, you can recognise a page that is set as an AMP through the use of a lightning bolt icon. Like the screenshot below demonstrates, AMP articles appear prominent to the user.

AMP is still in its relative infancy in the mobile web development arena so we’ll continue to monitor its progress before we look to make it part of our general offering on website projects.

James Merriman: James has been a web developer for over 10 years. He has worked with brands and clients such as BP, Castrol, Freederm, Legal & General, Thatchers and Wrigleys. James joined Oxygen in August 2016.