TM and ®; What’s the difference?

We are often questioned as to which of these can be used and whether they should sit alongside one’s logo.…

Emma Fowle

Want to know more about Steve, our Managing Director?

Here is a small slice of what it's like to be Steve the Managing Director of the Oxygen Agency Steve is…

Emma Fowle

What is the difference between emoji and emoticons?

What is the difference between an emoji and emoticon? You'd be amazed =O

Emma Fowle

Introducing the PR diaphragm

What is the PR diaphragm? It's your ability to shout about what you're good at. Find out more.

Steve Lodge

Do you know your raster from your vector?

Raster what? Vector who?! You may have been asked for an 'eps' version of your logo or perhaps a 'jpeg'…

Emma Fowle

Is your website ready for the 'Edge'?

  It's not likely that the guitarist from U2 will be browsing your site any time soon but after the…

Emma Fowle

Tiverton branding on a street near you

Oxygen's illustrative logo for Tiverton now graces the boundaries of the town for all to see.

Emma Fowle

How to do SEO

Research, blog writing, keywords and alt tags are just some of the key elements to successful SEO. Here's a brief…

Emma Fowle

Graphic design trend predictions for 2016

Like any good graphic design agency, we need to look forward as well as to the past for inspiration. These…

Emma Fowle

Print offers throughout June 2015

Here are this month's print offers throughout June 2015. Contact us now to place your order and get the design underway. Call:…

Emma Fowle

Print offers throughout May 2015

A little late in the month we know! But here are this month's print offers throughout May 2015. Contact us…

Emma Fowle

Print offers throughout April 2015

Spring is finally here! Have a spring clean and order some fresh new stationery and a fraction of the cost.…

Emma Fowle

Avoiding textbook CRM system failure

Implementing a CRM can go wrong. Avoid CRM system failure with our tips – and make sure your CRM implementation…

Katie Sanders

White Paper: Capitalising on Bristol 2015

Download a free copy of our white paper, "How Bristol businesses can be part of the Bristol European Green Capital…

Paul Barrett

Signage for Calleva's Bridgwater factory

As well as creating the brand identity, we recently designed and installed two large signs for food technology company, Calleva.…

Emma Fowle

Companies suffer on Google mobile search

Google has announced that mobile-unfriendly websites may not rank on mobile search. Companies could suffer from NO search results.

Steve Lodge