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A work experience diary from Hazel – Wellington, Somerset

“Throughout the week I have spent my time at Oxygen Creative carrying out my work experience. I have had a great time here and it has persuaded me to continue along the path of graphic design in the future. I have also learnt many valuable skills including using Photoshop and Illustrator during my stay here. So far I have created logos, cartoons and a comic strip.

For the comic strip I used the program Photoshop to alter and add colour to it after hand drawing it. The comic is all about how an idea may take some time to come but after that the ideas just continue to fall down; in fact this was the very thing that happened to me when creating it and so influenced it largely. The beginning speech bubble shows how confusing the new software was to me but after being shown how to use it correctly, I quickly picked it up and had lots of fun using it. The characters were drawn using techniques that I learnt from the book How to Draw CARTOONS for COMIC STRIPS that was supplied for me. I loved the freedom that I had to create my own characters, storyline and draw it.

The creativity that is involved is the main reason why I love graphics so much. I have always enjoyed it at school but I have never really realised how much more can be done with the equipment and support in a real working environment and so I would recommend for anyone similar to myself to consider doing work experience at Oxygen Creative.”

– Hazel Shorney, Courtfields School, Wellington, Somerset


An animated gif by Hazel:

Steve Lodge :Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.