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Is 2017 going to be THE year of the mobile?

At the start of each year marketing professionals pull together their predictions for the year’s trends. Each year you will no doubt see the words ‘mobile’ appear in each of these predictions, and this year is no different.

However, we might find that 2017 is actually the year of the mobile. As of May 2016, 81% of the UK population had access to a smartphone and it is predicted to continue rising, according to Deloitte’s latest UK Mobile Consumer survey.


So what does this mean for your marketing? In a nutshell if your content isn’t optimised for mobile you have a problem.


For example, in the US nearly half of all organics search engine visits were from mobile devices in late 2016 (Statista) and 62% of paid search clicks were from mobiles throughout last year. The UK tends to mirror these dynamics closely.


A responsive website is a great starting place, allowing the user to see all of the content clearly on mobile screens as well as tablets and desktops. I for one am guilty of immediately leaving a website when searching on my phone if it hasn’t been optimised for mobile – and I won’t be the only one. Ensuring your website can be viewed on different devices will instantly boost your page views.


Creating engaging, easy to process content is the next step. Long dull paragraphs of text can mean endless scrolling on a mobile, and after a few swipes the user will have lost interest. Keep your content short and interesting.


Here at Oxygen we have a skilled team of web developers, graphic designers and copywriters all ready to make your content mobile-friendly for the year ahead. Give us a call or send an email to see how we could help.

Sophie Edwards :