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Want punchy copy?

Here are six quick ways to make your copy pack a punch

  1. For punchy copy keep your sentences short. Readers respond to rhythm. Short sentences are easier to scan and will wake them up.
  1. For punchy copy, use Anglo Saxon words. So try ‘get’ instead of ‘receive’, ‘free’ instead of ‘gratis’ and ‘show’ instead of ‘indicate’. Simple words speed up reading time, and this isn’t literary fiction, so there’s no point in trying to impress the reader with your education or eloquence.

  1. For punchy copy, get to the point. It’s not about you, so don’t waffle. Put benefits first. Make every word count. Grab your reader before they disappear to do something else.
  2. For punchy copy, use short paragraphs. Each should contain a single point, just like this one.
  1. For punchy copy, write interesting subheads. Readers will often scan the whole page looking for relevant subheads and captions to give them a clue as to whether to read on. Writing punchy subheads help to focus your mind as you write too.
  1. For punchy copy, add vivid visuals. So ‘cash’ instead of ‘money’ and ‘rock solid’ instead of ‘dependable’ will all fire your reader’s imagination and elicit emotional involvement in your copy.

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Steve Lodge: Steve trained as a NCTJ journalist and is an experienced copywriter. He has over 15 years in agency, and started Oxygen in 2002.