Devon Website Designers Reveal the Secrets of Good Website Design

Devon Website Designers

Devon Website Designers

If you want to attract visitors to your site, it has to be strong, active and entertaining. But many people make the mistake of allowing an inexperienced friend or relative to create their website. That’s fine for a first ‘dip the toe’ in water to figure out how websites work. And of course it’s a relatively inexpensive way to build a website. But unfortunately, it rarely has the desired effect.

Devon Website Designers Secret #1: Don’t Use Welcome Pages

Welcome pages once were regarded as portals through which visitors should enter a website. They usually consist of a large photo or flashy graphics and the word “Welcome” or “Enter.” Welcome pages can annoy visitors as well as damaging search engine potential, so professional website designers rarely use welcome pages.

Devon Website Designers Secret #2: Don’t Use Annoying Advertising

The truth is that most people find ads on websites annoying. So, expert web designers eschew annoying banners, and substitute well-conceived ads that amuse, entertain, or inform. Our website designers at Oxygen Creative Services are skilled at using ads that don’t annoy, but that engage visitors..

Devon Website Designers Secret #3: Use Simple, Easy to Understand Navigation
The easier a website is to navigate, the better chance for success it has. Users don’t have the time to untangle a complicated navigation scheme. They get frustrated, and go elsewhere. A good design will avoid complex features, and keep site navigation easy, intuitive, and convenient.

Devon Website Designers Secret #4: Always Orient the Visitor

Visitors always should know where they are on a website. A good design will ensure that navigation options appear on every page, so that visitors are aware of their location, and know how to get to the next place they want to go.

Devon Website Designers Secret #5: Make Your Text Easy to Read and Understand

Reading on a screen slows the reader down by about 25%. So most people scan text online rather than reading it. Large blocks of text on a website discourage the visitor from reading them. At Oxygen Creative Services, we have skilled copywriters that know how to construct scannable text that’s laden with keywords to help your search engine rankings. And that will motivate visitors to buy. We break text into short paragraphs, and use simple, uncomplicated language.

Devon Website Designers Secret #6: Avoid Using Sounds and Music

Visitors who want to read the text on a website generally don’t want to be distracted by sounds or music. If you’ve decided you want to include sounds and music, our designers highly recommend adding a mute button or volume control.

Devon Website Designers Secret #7: Adhere to Current Standards and Browser Types

Perhaps the most valuable service our team offers is ensuring that all our website designs conform to all current web standards, and are viewable by all the major browser types.

Want to know more?

These are just a few of the tricks that our professional web developers and designers use at Oxygen Creative Services. Give us a call on 0845 2606 255 and let us make our expertise work for you.